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Sometimes great ideas DO grow on trees.
Welcome to the Treehouse.

Dig deep in your childhood memories. Now ask yourself, if you could envision THE most inspiring environment to get away and be alone with your thoughts or friends … what would it look like?

Belgium’s greenest meeting room is waiting for you.

How about … a treehouse? Our Treehouse is open to any company or organisation with a keen interest in sustainability. It offers a unique location with a capacity of up to 15 people. You can make reservations at a price of € 440,00 (VAT incl.) for a whole day or € 290.00 (VAT incl.) for a half day. There’s only one condition: your event should be in line with the Terms of use.

What’s available in THE TREEHOUSE?

  • Lounge
  • Meeting room with presentation material
  • Small kitchen and rest-room
  • Inspiring view