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Where is The Treehouse located?

At Kiefhoekstraat (no house number) in 3940 Hechtel-Eksel.

Once you exit the Leopoldsburg-Lommel (N746) and Hasselt-Eindhoven (N715) regional roads, the route is signposted.

The GPS coordinates are: 51.162469 – 5.311341.

Where can I park?

You can park your vehicle at the car park of Domeinbos Pijnven (Pijnven Forest Estate). From the entrance to the forest, The Treehouse is situated on your right, just 100 metres straight ahead along the forest path.

Where can I pick up the key?

You can pick up your key from 9:00am from the caretaker, Vakantiecentrum De Lage Kempen, Kiefhoekstraat 189 in 3940 Hechtel-Eksel, +32 11 40 22 43 (diagonally opposite the Domein Pijnven car park) and is to be returned to the same location after you have used The Treehouse (until 6:00pm at the latest).

What is the rate if I use The Treehouse for only half a day?

Clients pay €400 a day to rent The Treehouse, regardless of whether this is half a day or a full day.

Can The Treehouse be used after 6:00pm?

The Treehouse is only available for use from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Can The Treehouse be hired at weekends and public holidays?

The Treehouse is available for rent every working day (Monday through Friday), except for statutory and public holidays.

Can we prepare meals at The Treehouse?

The kitchenette is not equipped for the preparation of meals. Breakfast and other large meals are not allowed so as to prevent the seating benches and the other furniture pieces from being soiled. In addition, no barbecues may be held in the meadow around The Treehouse.

However, please feel free to enjoy soup and sandwiches on site. After your booking has been confirmed, you will be sent a list of the catering facilities.

Does The Treehouse have a microwave oven?

There is no microwave oven as no hot meals are allowed.   However, The Treehouse is equipped with tea and coffee-making facilities.

How many people are admitted to The Treehouse?

A maximum of 15 people are allowed in.

What if there are more of us than specified in the booking?

No more than 15 people are allowed. Suppose you have a booking for 10, and you would like to book for an extra 5 people maximum. Please let us know no later than 5 days ahead of your planned visit by telephone at number 011 73 35 65 or by e-mail This is for safety reasons and to enable us to make the relevant practical arrangements.

I would like to cancel my booking. What should I do?

You can cancel your booking, provided you submit the cancellation to the Leisure counter by e-mail sent to

  • You can cancel free of charge up to 2 weeks ahead of your planned booking;
  • If you cancel within 2 weeks ahead of your planned visit, you will be billed the full rental price.

Is The Treehouse accessible to disabled people?

We do not have a lift, and this means The Treehouse is not accessible to disabled people who are in a wheelchair or who are unable to climb stairs.

When does my booking become final?

Reservations can only be made using the booking module at the website

  • We will send you a copy of the user regulations with a number of PDF documents.
  • You return the signed (scanned) user regulations to
  • You pay the sum due into account number
    IBAN-code: BE03 3751 1174 4584
    BIC code: BBRUBEBB
    Inverde, Koning Albert II- laan 20 bus 22, 1000 Brussels
  • You will be sent confirmation of your booking, after the above formalities have been duly fulfilled.
  • If you are using a booking form, please return the completed form to Inverde, Koning Albert II-laan 20 bus 22, 1000 Brussels.

What kind of audio-video equipment can we expect at The Treehouse?

  • There is a basic Internet connection, a beamer and a flip-over board. The materials must be used in compliance with the manual that is kept at The Treehouse. When booking, please tick the appropriate box if you wish to use the audio-visual equipment.
  • The password is stated on the Internet box. The connection speed is moderate due to the location in the middle of the woodland (there is a considerable distance between The Treehouse and the telephone exchange).
  • The beamer has good quality loudspeakers.
  • There is also an HDMI cable. The rear of the beamer has a docking facility to connect an iPhone or an iPad.

Is there any hotel accommodation in the vicinity of The Treehouse?

The local town of Hechtel-Eksel has three B&B guesthouses:

The town of Overpelt offers the following overnight accommodation:

In the town of Lommel you can spend the night at any of the following guesthouses:

What are the telephone numbers for the various contact persons?

  • Caretaker, Vakantiecentrum De Lage Kempen (The Low Campine Holiday Centre), 011 40 22 43
  • Bookings, Leisure counter, 011 73 35 65
  • Forest ranger, Johan Agten, 0479 67 94 95